AquaSoft would like to offer its programs in additional languages. As translation platform we use Pootle, which makes it possible to grant access to the translatable strings to any number of translators without installing any special software on the user's side.

So, if you want to participate in this project, then visit our AquaSoft Translation platform. You will find the links to Register and Log In on the top right of the opening page.



Please register as participating translator.

  • The "Username" 1 is the name that will be visible to all users. It mustn't contain spaces.
  • Also, specify a valid email address 2 because you will receive an activation email to activate your newly created account.
  • Enter your password 3 twice to make sure that the spelling is correct.
  • Click Register 4
  • Wait for the activation email
  • Activate your account

After the activation you can log in.

Account settings


In preparation of your work you might want to adjust some settings for the user interface:

  • 1 the number of rows or strings respectivly that will be display on the page
  • 2 the language of the user interface, which, even with a diffent language selection, is still in English for the most part
  • 3 a selection of alternative source languages, which causes that strings that are already translated to those languages will be displayed above the string you're about to translate. This makes the understanding of certain phrases easier in many cases, especially when they're short or when technical terms are used.
  • 4 when you changed your settings click Save

Welcome page


After the log in select DiaShow/Stages. There you'll find on the right side some explanations about the handling of the website. On the left you can select the language which you'd like to translate to.

Language page


In our example we choose Spanish as the language to work on. The numbers illustrate the state of the translation:

Please feel free how to procede:

  • 1 click on Continue translation directly to open the list of all untranslated strings or
  • 2 select one of the three files on the left to complete only this specific one for now
  • 3 check remaining suggestions from time to time to see if the admin left any comments

Translation page

  • 1 enter your translation suggestion into the text field
  • 2 click the "Suggest" button to apply your suggestion

What else do you need to consider?

  • Retain spaces at the beginning and end of the line.
  • Don't add spaces where there are none in the original, unless they are language specific, e.g. !, ?, :, ; in French.
  • Do not translate parts of the text represented in brown, such as numbers and HTML code, 1!
  • Do not re-translate strings with file extensions.
  • Do not omit or modify placeholders like %s, %d, %.2f. You can change their position in the string, but if there's more than one placeholder their order must stay as it is.
  • An & with an attached string or inside a string (e.g. &File or E&xit) must not be separated.
  • When you translate software typical phrases, please get orientation from their occurrence in programs of commercial software producers.
  • Translated strings shouldn't be considerably longer than the original strings.
  • Note the comments attached to some strings , either at the left side or right above the input field.

Thank you!

Since software development is a continuing process new strings might get added, some might change. Therefore we hope you will check back later to see if there are new strings waiting to become translated.

We thank you for all the support you can provide.
Your AquaSoft Language Team

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