PhotoCalendar 3


Here is how you can add dates to your AquaSoft PhotoCalendar 3.

Starting Point


At this point we have added the photos we want and chosen the calendar style, the third step says "customize calendar". The arrow is pointing to the holiday options.

Step 2


To add dates that are not on the list, click on the three blue lines, as highlighted. A pop up window will appear where you can add the dates that you want.

Step 3


Click on the plus sign.

Step 4


In this section you can add the event that you need. Step one-where it says "fix event" replace it with the event name, for example "Mom's birthday". Step 2- you add the date that it occurs on. Then hit ok.

Step 5


Here it will ask you if you would like to save a new list, say ok. And it will appear at the bottom of your list of holidays as you will see in the screen shot below.

Step 6


Just make sure that it is "checked" and the new events that you added will now show up on your calendar.

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