If you ever get this error message after uploading a cordova app to the windows store:

Invalid package publisher name: CN=Apache Cordova Team

then you might be fallen into the same trap I as did. I build my app for testing purposes once via cordova-cli like this (cordova v6.0.0, cordova-windows v4.3.1, VS 2015) :

cordova build windows --release

Then I opened Visual Studio 2015 und created the App Packages via "Store / Create App Packages". VS connects to the store loads/creates certificates...everything looks like it should but after uploading Windows store rejects the packages with the forementioned error message.


To make it short: Don't call "cordova build"! It connects its own Apache test certificate with your app and it stays there with no possibility to exchange it with your own certificate. A simple "cordova platform add windows" is enought to create the Visual Studion solution. What you get is a clean project with no certificates attached so Visual Studio doesn't fail giving your apps your own identity.

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