Error when uploading and validating the package.


I inherited a project at my new job where I need to publish 52 Windows 10 mobile versions of existing Windows 8 and 8.1 apps.
You can supposedly just add the new packages to existing apps by associating the app in Visual Studio (version 17 pro) with the app in the store. See screenshot below. This all works ask expected, I’m logged into Visual Studio with the same account that published the original apps.

Associate App with the Store ...


App selected and ready to Associate ...


App found and ready to go

Create App Packages...


Next step is to create the package

Select a local folder to publish the package ...


This will prduce the file '.appxupload' that can be uploade to the Store.


Closest I could get to an answer is this post on SnapTip: *Solution

To make it short: Don't call "cordova build"! It connects its own Apache test certificate with your app and it stays there with no possibility to exchange it with your own certificate. A simple "cordova platform add windows" is enought to create the Visual Studion solution. What you get is a clean project with no certificates attached so Visual Studio doesn't fail giving your apps your own identity.*y.

However I don't have that option, it's a big prject from which all 52 seperate apps can be published using a build.config file to specify the details for each app. I need to know how to remove and replace that default cordova certificate and use the one that Visual Studio 17 is supposedly creating when the app is associated with the app.

I've asked on the Microsoft Developer Community, but they closed the tickets for not getting enough votes.

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